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Movie Memories - Winners

Movie Memories- Winners

Thank you to all who entered our Movie Memories Contest! We nearly 8,000 great entries! 

Humor Winner:

Popcorn Spill...

A guy I was dating asked me out to the movies. We decided on The Lego Movie and purchased popcorn and soda at the concession stand. While we were seated in the theater waiting for the movie to start, the guy was so nervous he accidentally flipped the bucket of popcorn over and its entire contents spilled into my purse, which I had placed on the floor by our feet! We tried to scoop out as much as we could, but I was still pulling out kernels of popcorn weeks later. And four years later, he is now my husband!

- Lindsay B.

Heart Winner:

Sharing the Moment: Another Side to Grandpa

I have many great memories of my grandfather, but one of my favorite memories was the time I went to see SAVING PRIVATE RYAN with him. My grandfather served in WWII, but wasn’t one to ever open up about his time overseas. I sat next to him during the movie expecting to watch a good flick in silence.  As the movie unfolded before us, my grandfather leaned over and started telling me about his time in the war as it related to the scenes happening on screen.  He explained how he arrived in Normandy twelve days late because of dental work he had to have done before deploying. He followed much of the same path that was outlined in the movie and had visited many of the same towns and cities. He spoke to me of details that I sadly don’t fully remember anymore, but the one thing I do remember is how I felt sitting next to him and listening to his story.  A story I had never before heard from him and haven’t heard again.  It was by far the greatest movie experience I’ve had and may likely ever have.

- Jeff L. 

Humor Runner-Up:

The Wonder of the Movies...

When taking our then 4 year old granddaughter Molly to her first movie, upon entering the theater she turned toward the screen and announced in a clear 4 year old voice "That's the biggest tv I have ever seen."

- Deborah M. 

Heart Runner-Up:

Movies are for Everyone...

Going to the movies with my son was the most rewarding experience of my life as a parent. My son Felix is on the autism spectrum. As a two-year-old, Felix would often crouch in the corner of his room for hours, seemingly lost in thought. As one who was raised on going to the movie theater, I thought my son would never be able to go to the movies like I did as a kid. What follows is my account of my son’s first movie theater experience at The Marcus Palace in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  I sat in the car, pensively looked at the Marcus Theaters’ app and hit complete purchase on my iPhone. I thought, “That was it. I could now avoid the line at the ticket counter.” My husband and I had foreshadowed this moment for two weeks, preparing my son for the sights, sounds, and smells of the movie theater, practicing in our basement with extra buttery movie theater popcorn and cotton candy my husband had bought from the store.  As we made our way to the front entrance, I saw him glance up at the giant marquee and ask, “Is Palace?” I answered, “Yes Felix. This is the Palace. We are going to watch a movie today. Remember what we practiced.” As we entered the first set of double doors, my mind ran through all the scenarios of what could happen today. You see, my son is a sensory seeking child who specializes in bouncing from the couch to the 6-foot bean bag to the Lazy Boy Chair in our living room. Despite music therapy, he will always be overly sensitive to loud sounds. When people ask about my son, I tell them his super power is his hearing. He could hear his 3-month-old sister sneeze in her room while he was in his, with both of their doors closed. I wondered if I had made the right choice buying our tickets to go see our first movie together – Emoji, but I found what I needed, an 830am showing of a movie that had been out for a couple of weeks, where the rows would be emptier, just in case Felix wanted to practice his running, jumping, and cavorting all around the theater.  After entering the second set of doors, the smell hit us both. “Popcorn” Felix yelled. I prayed that he remembered to use his indoor voice during the movie. We promptly walked up to the concession stand, and Felix became lost in his thoughts, staring at the tall ceiling and light fixtures. Then, he screamed “Cotton Candy.” I thought the cotton candy was attacking him, but no, he just really wanted some cotton candy, so I added it to the pile. He had the biggest smile when I did. We headed over to the drinks, and Felix spent the next three minutes “oohing” and “aahing” over the technologically advanced beverage machine. He was overjoyed that he could hold press the button on the screen and have it magically poured into the cup.  “The movie is about to start so we need to go,” I told him, as he wanted to befriend the soda dispenser. As we got closer, my anxiety began to spike as Felix paused as he walked through the movie door. “Dark,” he yelled. I reminded him: “It’s ok. Mom is here. Let’s find our seat.” Where everything jelled was when he sat down and sunk into the comfy chair that reminded him of our Lazy Boy chair. The previews rolled, and the movie came and went. Felix had sipped his “sippies” as we call them at our house, ate his popcorn, demanded his cotton candy, and moved his chair seat up and down about 1,000 times. Luckily, the chair survived. I survived, and Felix was so happy. As the ending credits rolled, he stood up and began to dance his special happy dance. I smiled and knew that this would not be our last time at the theater. This memory will be etched in my mind, especially as we go to the movies almost Saturday morning. 

- Sara S. 

Other Favorites:

Back on the Big Screen...

My dad and I are as different as two humans can be, but the one thing that brings us together is our love of action movies. The Retro Series at Marcus Theaters is my absolute favorite! And when Indiana Jones was brought back to the big screen, I couldn't wait to re-live that feeling I had as a little girl snuggled up with Dad and watching Harrison Ford kick some serious tail! Now in my (cough) thirties, it was so special for my dad and I to make each other a priority for three consecutive weeks (because the 4th movie doesn't really count). Thank you for giving us the opportunity to continue to connect over the love of film.

Wonder Woman with Mom...

A memory I am thankful to Marcus theaters for giving me is being able to watch Wonder Woman in Spanish with my mom. Not many theaters play movies in Spanish but Marcus has been doing so for a while now, and it was just so heartwarming to be able to witness my mom watching one of her childhood heroes in her native language. I cried not only because of the beautiful representation of female strength on screen but because Marcus gave us that bonding moment and what felt like a win for Latino moviegoers. Thank you Marcus theaters for a memory I’ll cherish forever.

The Dentist Appointment...

I surprised my son one day when he was in junior high. He was called to the school office, where I was waiting to take him to a "dentist appointment". In the car, he said he didn't know he had a dentist appointment. I said he didn't, we were going to the movies to see "War of the Worlds." He still talks about that memory we shared.

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